My Basic Foods For Losing Weight

(Many brands are generic or store brand)

The following is a list of specific foods I put together for the purposes of a weight loss program I created for myself about 12 years ago, and have gotten back onto it again during the beginning of this year (2017). All of these foods are mostly low calorie and low cost as well.

Though I created the following diet specifically for low-budget incomes, it can generally be followed by anyone.

All categories are for one person per month.

Nothing of the following are to be fried in any way.


Sandwiches: This is to cover one meal each day of the month

5oz can of tuna fish in water (One case of tuna fish per month)

Generic or store brand mayonnaise or salad dressing for mixing into the tuna (30 oz jar per month)

4 slices of generic or store brand wheat bread to make 2 sandwiches with (Approx. 5 loaves each month). Unused loaves of bread are to be kept in the freezer until each loaf is needed.

White or yellow corn restaurant style chips to go with the sandwiches (At least 2 to 3 bags per month, depending on the bag size.) I personally prefer the yellow corn chips myself.

(The above category is to be eaten as 1 meal every day of the month. Lunch or dinner, take your pick.)


Plate of Rice

A plate of rice will be the second meal for each day of the month. (1 family size bag of white long-grain rice to last the month.) Bigger bags of rice will stretch further.

I add a bit of butter and sugar to each plate after cooking. Sometimes I add in 5 chicken bouillon cubes while cooking the rice, instead of a bit of butter and sugar after cooking.

(One of the meals listed above is for lunch, the other is for dinner. As for which will be which, that choice is up to the individual.) And I will admit, I sometimes switched them up.


Now to break up the monotony of sandwiches and rice all the time, I have included the following items as occasional meals for during the month.

Meals From a Can

4 individual cans of beef stew. 1 can per week for a meal.

4 individual cans of chili (I prefer without beans). 1 can per week for a meal.

4 cans of cream of chicken (Or your choice) soup. 1 can per week for a meal.

2 to 3 boxes of saltine crackers for mixing with each, if preferred.


Other Choices For One Meal a Week

1 piece of baked fish and rice (I buy fish in a package of 6 or 8 pieces)

1 piece of baked boneless chicken breast and rice (I buy chicken in a package of 6 or 8 pieces).

If the individual wishes to add vegetables to any meal, that is up to them.