A Bad Idea Equals “Banking Calories”

Here’s one for you. Since you may be on a particular diet to help with your exercise regime to loose weight, and a banquet or a holiday party is coming up. You’re expecting a big meal to be served for dinner, and it is already known that there will be an open bar with lots and lots of “party snacks.” You are also not sure if there will be any healthy food there, but you are sure that you’re going to be in a festive, partying mood!….So what should you do?….Should you cut back on your food earlier in the day to make room for the big feast? It’s a good question.

What I have just described is sometimes referred to as “banking calories,” which is similar to saving calories like money because you’re going to consume more later, and it is a very common practice among dieters. If you’re really serious about your diet and fitness goals however, then the answer is no—you should NOT “bank calories! And here’s why and what you should do instead.

Always remember that there will usually be something healthy that can be eaten at just about every assembly you attend. Yes there will be all manner of sweets and non-healthy items to temp you with on the tables. But the like can also be true when it comes to many healthy choices for you to indulge in as well.

So regardless of the gathering, healthy choices will probably be available. And in the event that there aren’t any, a minimum amount of snacks on your plate probably isn’t going to be a big deal against your weight loss program.

And the thing is, if you hold off on meals earlier in the day for the purpose of banking calories later during the evening, then you are robbing yourself from the needed nutritional value that your body requires during the rest of the day. You are missing out on the needed foods that help your metabolism work better and faster. Plus the cutting back on food due to the expectation of eating more later could cause a change in your food cravings, meaning you could overeat during an expected feast.

But then the there is the benefit that if you eat normally during the day, the way you normally would for your weight loss program, then there is less of a chance that you will indulge in too much food at the gathering. Plus if you eat the correct foods, lean proteins and healthy fats, high fiber foods, during the earlier part of the day it will act as a normal appetite suppressant.

Now I will admit, the same thing doesn’t work for everyone. I’m proof of that myself, as indicated by my page of the foods that I normally eat. But regardless, everyone should seek the advice of professionals when it comes to adjusting or setting up a proper dieting program for loosing weight with exercise. And always remember, the body is seeking a balance with everything.

And let’s say that what you were planning had actually worked, it doesn’t make sense to cut back on your food intake for the purpose of trying to burn more fat, especially when you intend to add on more fat later. I mean, who wants to intentionally add more fat if they don’t have to?

A plan of deliberately going hungry and then overeating later will surely invoke more harm than the occasional binge meal. Plus specialists in the field of nutrition might claim what you are doing is similar to an eating disorder.

So a normal menu of healthy foods and smaller meals laid out through the course of the day would be considered normal eating, with the snack meal to treat yourself occasionally is fine. But keep it to small portions.

Now then, it should be comforting that for particular situations like parties, eating away from home and other special situations, you can eat anything you desire. But make sure a proper health balance is kept. Because going without the proper foods and indulging later can have negative effects.

So just remember that you can still eat healthy without being the party pooper. Meaning you don’t have to cut back on foods you like, as long as you maintain control and stick to your normal food plan for the majority of the time with your portions.

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