Stationary Exercise Bike

Just to let you know, this stationary exercise bike is comfortable to ride. The seat is comfortable. The peddles are comfortable. The handlebars are comfortable, plus they allow you to lean forward onto the bike, if you want to.

This exercise bike can also fit almost anywhere you want to put it, in or outside of the house. And the reason I say this is because we have the same size size exercise bike in our living room. Just a different color. And we enjoy it.

You can put it in the:

* Living Room

* Bedroom

* Private Gym or exercise room

* Even in a garage or on a back patio

Just about anyplace you want to put it in your house. Plus it has 2 roller wheels on the front floor support beam, making it easy to move around when needed when you tilt it forward.

So for the individual who likes to ride a stationary bike. For the individual who enjoys the workout they get from riding a stationary bike. I won’t deny that this exercise bike is a good choice.

For us it has turned out to be a very good purchase.

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