Drink Tea – Can be Good For Your Health

For many centuries now the Chinese people have been consuming tea. They have attested to and suggested health benefits from drinking tea. It has been used for medicinal purposes in china for at least four thousand years. Plus today there are various research documents displaying evidence of good transformations in health attributed to ingesting tea. As a result there are Increasingly more people drinking tea for his or her health.

In the Journal of National Cancer Institute (published in 1994) they claimed that drinking tea has reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by a huge 60 percent. While the University of Purdue researchers claimed that green tea can prevent the growth of some cancer cells. Tea has polyphenols that can reduce risk not only of esophageal cancer, but also gastric and skin cancers.

It is also able to help with the prevention or the spreading of prostate cancer as found through the Center of Human Nutrition at UCLA. It could also guard the body against most cancers introduced via smoking. Green tea and white tea can be very important in fighting colon and lower belly cancers.

Tea can also improve the ratio of good and bad cholesterol levels in your body. The same polyphenols help in preventing blood from clotting and are responsible in lowering the levels of cholesterol. Thus, drinking tea is a great help for heart disease patients.

These are not only the health benefits attributed to tea. According to Newcastle University’s Medicinal Plant Research Center study, tea might also delay Alzheimer’s disease. While, University of Tokyo stated that tea may play a role in the fight against AIDS.

Aside from cancer it can also be helpful in rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, infections, and an impaired immune system. There are also new studies claiming green tea helping those who would like to lose weight. Those who drink caffeine and green tea tend to burn more calories that those consuming caffeine only.

Due to its capacity to fight and destroy micro organisms, green tea may even fight towards tooth decay. It is able to kill dental plaque simply as it is able to help prevent food poisoning. In the marketplace, there are also deodorants and skin lotions with the aspect of green tea in it.

How can something be this good?

The secret is the polyphenols, especially the epigallocatechin galleate or EGCG. ECGC is an anti-oxidant. This powerful anti-oxidant can kill or prevent the growth of cancer cells without harming the healthy cells and tissue. It also has flavonoids and catechins which are also anti-oxidants. It also has fluoride which is why it can fight tooth decay and helps control bad breath.

Different kind of teas has different levels on anti-oxidants. White tea has more anti-oxidants compared to other types of tea. Freshly brewed teas have more polyphenols than instant or bottled teas. Thus, freshly-brewed teas have more anti-oxidants than instant teas.

Caffeine is also present in tea. Caffeine levels or the amount in brewed tea depends on the type of the tea itself. Black tea has higher amount of caffeine than green tea. The amount of caffeine also depends of the length of time the tea is being brewed, and also on the water temperature. If the leaves are exposed to higher water temperature, more caffeine are drained from the leaves.

The American Diabetic Association reported that a cup of tea has an average caffeine amount of 40 mg. A cup of freshly brewed coffee has an average caffeine amount of 85 mg. An average of 350 mg. of caffeine consumption is still good for a healthy individual.

Currently, the only negative effect reported in drinking too much tea is insomnia. And this would be because of the amount of caffeine that is in the tea. Another side effect is more trips to the bathroom. So start brewing your tea, and drink for your health.

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