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15 years ago I was putting together a simple diet and exercise program for myself. I was overweight—still am though not as much as I was then—and was definitely tired of being that way. And since I’m on a limited income, it means I can’t afford any of those expensive diets that are advertised on TV….Just my opinion only, you don’t really need those anyway; not if you eat right and exercise properly.

So I decided to create my own weight loss program….I mean, why not?

Not only did I figure it would help me to loose weight, plus all of the foods I would be eating could easily be afforded on a limited budget at any local grocery store.

On that weight loss program I also lost about 80 pounds over the course of a year and a half. Meaning it not only worked for me, I actually got down to being much smaller than what I am now. I went from a 52/30 size jeans down to a 48/30.

.Then a situation occurred that forced me to make some changes in my life….

As a result of those changes, I ended up regaining part of the weight I had lost…though not all of it….

Now all these years later, plus having a new woman in my life after being single for years, the two of us discussed the subject of losing weight together….And even though I have no problem with losing the extra pounds, I told her that I personally love her just the way she is—but she still wants to loose the weight regardless….

So after my fiancée and I discussed it, I told her about the diet and exercise program I had created years earlier for myself—and how well it worked for me.

As a result, we made the decision to do it together.

And it is GOING TO WORK for us.

Now then, as a result of the commitment the two of us have made to our weight-loss journey together, I decided to create and base this blog around this personal journey. Though I will admit that this blog is written mostly from my point of view.

But keep one thing in mind as you read each post….Even though they are based around mine and her personal weight-loss journey and what we or I do, the reader who is also following along for the purpose of losing weight may not have the same results.

I am also going to include the foods we will be eating. The exercises we will be doing. Even the health products we will be adding into the program later down the road that I did not have access to before.

So, does anyone care to join in on this journey?

Feel free to follow along if you wish to do so. Though I will admit, the reader may find some of my posts repetitive and boring. But when it comes to being on this diet, I know what works for me.

I will also include posts that will show mine/her progress over time as well.

And if the reader wishes to do so, you can also subscribe to the free newsletter. Which may or may not include additional information and deals concerning weight-loss and exercise equipment.

4 thoughts on “About Billy Weight-Loss”

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’ve had some other health problems that have gotten in my way with the weight loss, though hopefully I am also getting past them and back onto the right track again.

  1. Read the entire blog and I must say you did a very good job putting it all together. Enjoyed the narrative and the simple meals you included along with the door-frame push ups.

    1. I’m glad you like the blog and really appreciate your comment. I have also got other post ideas I will be writing for it including the other exercises I do that I will be writing about that are very easy to do as well.

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